Saturday, November 19, 2011

Disable Authentication prompts when accessing a SharePoint site

Last week I have implemented an brand new SharePoint 2010 environment with external SSL access for for one of our customers. When I was testing this external access configuration I received an authentication prompt for each action I did on the SharePoint site. For example when I would like to read, edit or download a file on the SharePoint site. Below you can find short work instruction how you can avoid all this authentication prompts and bring it down to only one.
Start Internet Explorer and navigate to settings.
 Click on Internet options and then on the Security Tab

Click on the Local Intranet icon and then on the Sites button
Click on the Advanced button
Type the external URL of your SharePoint site and click on the Add button
Click on the Close button
 Click on the OK button to close this window
Click on the OK button to close this window
Now you are ready.
When you access the SharePoint site again you will receive only one authentication prompt.

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