Saturday, November 19, 2011

SharePoint URL 260 characters length limitation

Last week I tried to restore a site from a SharePoint 2007 environment to a SharePoint 2010 environment from backup. But the restore did complete with exceptions. After some research in the restore log, I saw that some documents were not restored correctly because the URL length was too long. After some research at the Microsoft TechNet website I found out that the maximum length of a SharePoint URL is 260 characters. When I knew that I have restored the missing files to a folder and I have renamed them to a shorter folder and/or file name. After that I have upload the restored files (with a shorter name) to the new SharePoint website.
So do not make your folders and/or file names in SharePoint too long. At this way you can avoid problems when restoring data to you SharePoint environment in disaster recovery or migration scenario’s.

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