Friday, April 20, 2012

Enable Federation with Lync Online and Lync On-Premise

On-premise domain has to enable Federation with Lync Online to get this working.

Option#1 :  Add the HostingProvider service entry: 
From your Lync Front End server, launch the Lync Management Shell. Create a new Hosting Provider entry for Lync Online using the following command:
New-CSHostingProvider –identity LyncOnline –ProxyFqdn –Enabled $True
Identity                                                  : LyncOnline
Name                                                   : LyncOnline
ProxyFqdn                                           :
VerificationLevel                                 : AlwaysVerifiable
Enabled                                               : True
EnabledSharedAddressSpace         : False
HostsOCSUsers                                  : False
IsLocal                                                   : False

Option#2 : Use Direct Federation : Add the Lync Online Allow domain entry with ProxyFqdn. ( Run the following two commands )
New-CSAllowedDomain –identity
Identity                                                   :
Domain                                                  :
ProxyFqdn                                             :
Set-csAllowedDomain –ProxyFqdn

Open Federation settings will not work with Lync Online domain. If the on-premise Lync Domain tries Open federation with a Lync Online domain: The Edge server rejects the communication as the host providing the service mismatch.

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