Saturday, May 12, 2012

Enable password protection on mobile devices with Exchange

The following Exchange policies are supported

  • Enforce password on device
  • Minimum password length
  • Maximum failed password attempts
  • Require both numbers and letters
  • Inactivity time in minutes

The following Exchange 2007 policies are also supported

  • Allow or prohibit simple password
  • Password expiration
  • Password history
  • Policy refresh interval
  • Minimum number of complex characters in password
  • Require manual syncing while roaming
  • Allow camera
  • Require device encryption
Enable password on mobile devices with an Exchange policy
  1. Open the Exchange Management Console
  2. Expand the Organization Configuration
  3. Click on Client Access

In the
Action menu click New Exchange ActiveSync policy.

Remote Device Policy as new policy name.
  • Select Require password
  • Allow simple password
  • Minimum password length (4)
  • Password expiration days (90)
  • Enforce password history (3)

The new policy is created now.

Apply the new ActiveSync policy to an tablet or smartphone user

Select an mobile device user.

Select the
Mailbox Features tab.
Double click on Exchange ActiveSync.

Click on the
Browse button.
Select the new created policy (Remote Device Policy).

The new policy will be applied to the mobile device when an Exchange ActiveSync connection is made.

Remote data wipe

When an mobile device is stole you can wipe the data remote.
You can do this as an administrator at the following way.
  1. In the Exchange Management Console select the stolen device user
  2. From the Action menu click on Manage mobile device
  3. Click on the Wipe data button to wipe all the data from the mobile device.
As end user you are able to wipe all the data from your stolen device from Outlook Web Access.

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