Saturday, May 19, 2012

Procedure to make a bootable VMware ESXi 5 USB stick

Here is a simple procedure to make a bootable VMware ESXi 5 USB stick in Windows and perform a scripted unattended VMware ESXi 5 installation. Here are the 5 steps:

Step 1

Be sure removing all partitions and format a FAT32 partition on the USB stick by using the following command:
Open the command prompt and enter the following commands:
diskpart (make sure you run diskpart as administrator) 
list disk (list the disk in your system including the USB) 
select disk USB number 
create partition primary 
format fs=fat32 quick

Step 2

Download Unetbootin here

Step 3

Start the UNetbootin tool
  1. Select Diskimage
  2. Browse to your downloaded vSphere 5 iso
  3. Select the USB drive
  4. Select the Fat32 partition driveletter
  5. Click OK

Click Yes when a popup box appears with the question to overwrite an existing file.

In less than a minute you will have a bootable usb media with the vSphere 5 installation files on it!

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